Scalebound Cancelled – Here’s Why

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A mighty roar to you all as I write another blog post.

Title says it all. Scalebound is no longer bound to hit stores. From some information from some sources, here’s what I know and why I’m a bit disappointed.

Firstly, this isn’t the first RPG that Microsoft Studios have terminated in the past 2 years. Firstly, it was the much anticipated game “Fable Legends”, headed by Lionhead Studios. But this got shut down after so much development had gone into it. Scalebound is another example of such a game far into development that has been shut down.

Drew and his dragon, Thuban.

The game would have featured you as Drew, with his dragon companion Thuban, as they entered a huge world as a last hope, working together to survive, despite being completely different individuals. The game would have been a 4 player co-op RPG.

According to Liam Robertson, a game researcher known for Unseen 64, he had dug up some information about creative tensions between the Western Publisher and Japanese Developer. Microsoft wanted quite a small game but the game’s director, Hideki Kamiya, wanted to realise an ambition… I side with Kamiya on this and put most of the blame on Microsoft for it’s cancellation personally.

Scalebound was first shown at E3 2014 and had gone into obscurity around September 2016, when the media team had stopped publishing updates and nothing was being released. The game itself was last shown at Gamescom 2016 in August, with a lot of excitement surrounding the game, it came as a bit of a shock to a lot of gamers when Microsoft officially announced the cancellation of the game on January 9th, 2016. With the PlatinumGames team confirming it the next day.

Kamiya-san thanked everyone for the heartfelt messages on Twitter and with NieR: Automata coming out for the PS4 soon, this is not the last we’ll see of PlatinumGames.

Part of the reason I think that the game got cancelled was it’s technical problems, to which Microsoft or PlatinumGames didn’t reach an agreement on. Development ended on the game around late December 2016, with the full underlying reason unknown. The issues were noticeable in the E3 demonstrations when they showed it off in a supposed very early alpha state.

Another reason was that supposedly, Kamiya-san and JP Kellams had taken a month leave from the company, to try and recover from the immense pressure of Scalebound’s development.

It’s safe to believe that we won’t be seeing the resurrection of the game, with Microsoft holding the IP for Scalebound and taking the 4 years it had been in development for away from us. It may be revived but it’s highly unlikely.

I can only feel sympathy for PlatinumGames but with their awesome work of Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101, I’m sure this isn’t the last from the developer.

I was truly looking forward to Scalebound. Maybe it could be revived. But at the moment, that seems nothing short of a miracle.

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Update on everything. Again.

Hey, everyone.

A greet you with a mighty roar, I am The Dragon and again, another update post. I would do a video but… Yeah.

For those who know me in person know exactly what is going on and trust me, I’m finding it harder than most would anticipate. Here’s another update on everything. Again.


Creating Content Is Not The Issue – My equipment is.

This may sound like a really poor excuse for not making YouTube content and Twitch content but fact of the matter is – It is.

Limitations are only as high as you set them. Now, I love doing what I do but I’ve got nothing to support it for the time being, unlike some people I know (Especially ones who splash out more than they probably should without a valid reason.). My limitations aren’t caused by content, it’s caused by my inability to keep up with everything. My computer is 4 years old, my recording equipment is old and I’ve not got anything new simply because I cannot support this on my own. Along with being out of employment at the time of writing and lack of support from anyone else around me, I’m fighting a battle which has immeasurable odds in favour of it going against me more and more. Most people don’t have this issue but this is a major barrier and people don’t really seem to care. I love to entertain, I really do but I cannot entertain with limits that stop me from doing that. It sucks but it’s a limitation which still holds a vice grip on me until I even get a chance to remotely get it sorted. The issue here is support and the heavy lack of it. This, along with the fact I’ve got no income of any sort right now is a problem which I really hope gets resolved soon.


Keeping a timetable – It’s not possible currently.

I can’t keep a consistent timetable and that’s as bad as it sounds. I am currently in a situation where I think but don’t do. Want to but will not. It’s partially down to the issue I listed above. I love streaming, especially as it is all I am able to do right now but again, I have limitations in place with no support. It sucks.


I love doing what I do with the people I like. But there are some…

I am now beginning to have unfortunate scenarios in and around my media. I can deal with it but I had to recently bin racist comments from my posts and deal with political extremists on a livestream, I know who they are, funnily enough but I’m not the sort of person to stop people doing what they want to do unless it gets really out of hand. I have 118 subscribers on YouTube as of writing this and I am completely aware that success does not fall in your lap. I don’t even have 100 followers on Twitch yet (Although we’re close. Keep going guys!). One example I can give was someone was shouting insensitive comments about Harambe, who was unfortunately killed at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. I recall the zoo saying that the constant reminder is making life hard for them to move on so doing that with me, I cannot tolerate. I’m all up for free speech but spam, insensitive remarks and other harassing actions will not be tolerated. I seek to entertain and enjoy things with awesome people, not insensitive idiots.


So yeah, I felt another update was due as I haven’t done much in a while. It sucks for me as much as it does for you but I just need some time and support. I have considered doing Patreon as a starting point. I don’t know though, it would seem pointless if I did something like that right now. Everyone started from the bottom to get where they are. But some have more issues than a lack of support.

You all know my social links, they can be clicked on via the green circle with a white heart to show your love. So why not begin in making a difference now?

I guess that ends this rather sullen update but it’s all I can really do right now. What do you guys think?

Dragon, out.


Formula 1 2016 Review

Hello everyone,

A mighty roar to you all and welcome to a review of F1 2016 – The Game.

I know a few people who are fans of this game but I am not someone who works at IGN, or Gamespot, this is just my personal review… You’re entitled to your opinion but please keep it civil. I did miss F1 2015 but from what I heard, I didn’t miss much.

With that aside, what a review I have for you guys today!

Long story short, this game rocks!



I feel the game is a huge step up from the guys at Codemasters and the game has been set to deliver. And deliver it has. The game is tight, well made and generally great. The cars look the part, those smooth 1080p 60fps graphics… What more could you want? The cars feel solid. Real yet accessible. Hard but not mean spirited. This game is what it was meant to be.

I can safely say that there are awesome features in here and niche additions to make the game truly something special. With the added bonus of formation laps and manual starts, the game feels more real to the sport but it’s accessible with them both being completely optional. I’m no F1 fanatic that knows all of the rules but I do know a good game when I see one. F1 2016 does not disappoint. When I compare my time to the chances I played F1 2015, I can definitively say that F1 2016 delivers where F1 2015 did not. Which is good. Very good. The 10 season long career mode is awesome as well, letting you build teams for 10 years of F1 racing. However, a lack of mid career customisation is a little upsetting, considering the 360 instalments had this present… it means to change your helmet or in game nationality, you need to completely restart the career you were just in.


By the way, the safety car is now back and thank goodness it is, the realism is actually good and having this tiny feature makes all the difference in the single player, having to be careful behind it. I do respect how you can get right up to the safety car, except when it pulls in and you’re at the front, where it slows you down and drives you automatically. But whacking it at 180mph is pretty funny. It doesn’t quite have the funny effects of previous 360 installments, where the F1 car goes nuts but you can still wreck your car from hitting it, just don’t expect hilarious results.

The career is definitely something to fear in the harder difficulties and the additions of the game’s practice bonus sessions, promoting you to drive the track for a reward is also very nice. If you stick at these, the work pays off and it feels satisfying to get that one engine upgrade or even that chassis upgrade you’ve been dying for. It’s not all easy, with certain challenges having to be met getting harder the more you increase the career difficulty.

The game does have an issue or two though..

The problematic AI are back, with them still struggling to get out of the way under blue flag conditions. In the higher difficulties, they battle you to the death, doing everything they can to get a position, like taking you out on the odd occasion if you move over too far over on them, or just cleanly taking you out altogether. The AI battle you hard but still can’t seem to grasp getting off the racing line in corners… But the AI is good on the most part. But when you really need them to co-operate, especially in blue flag conditions, they just don’t.

The game is also quite hard to grasp at first. If you have played F1 2015, then you will note the car at the rear feels looser and the front is stiffer, making the wet driving very… Ambiguous. It sometimes works as it does and then doesn’t in others. I completely get that the rain is going to make the car worse but for less hardcore players, it can be a bit of an issue. The game can be made easier by turning on all of the assists but this doesn’t fix an engine issue but if you put the practice in, you’ll get the hang of it. It’s definitely not a pick up and play game.



The multiplayer in F1 2016 doesn’t disappoint, giving you the chance to create your own custom championship with friends, custom races, along with a new rookie mode which turns collisions off so you can learn the multiplayer game. Sprint mode is where it is at though, 5 lap races against up to 21 other players on a circuit can get chaotic and with friends it is a huge blast. Lag is definitely a thing which can possibly resolved but you will need a solid internet connection and can cause you getting some unfair and downright questionable penalties, even if you were not responsible for it. That being said, the penalty system is a thousand times better than what it was in previous instalments, especially online. There is also a local multiplayer for you to try with friends.



F1 2016 is definitely what F1 2015 should have been and more than makes up for the rather disappointing instalment that F1 2015 was. The game is crisp, sharp and definitely races into pole position of the franchise on Xbox One. I personally think that F1 2012 is still the best game they made but F1 2016 is definitely not far off that. It’s a fantastic entry point into the series if you haven’t got into it yet, then you definitely should start with F1 2016. It’s not easy to learn but it’s definitely one of the most satisfying games to get the hang of. There is plenty of content. Enough to keep you occupied until F1 2017 next year, for certain.

Dragon, out.

Forza Horizon 3 – Personal Thoughts

Hello everyone,

I am The Dragon and it has been a while since I wrote a blog post on my website. So let’s make one together! This one is what I personally think of the upcoming Xbox exclusive, Forza Horizon 3, developed by Playground Games.

Well, we have had a good insight into the game so far. Features and gameplay have been announced and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it. I have to say that these are my thoughts and you opinion may differ. Keep the comments civil please!

Let’s start with the environment… It’s the land of Australia, where kangaroos and koalas are the stars of the show- I’m joking. This is a very interesting location and seems to have it all. Beaches, cities, open road, rainforest, THE LOT. I must wonder if we will see wildlife on the game, sort of how it was in The Crew (2013) but if not, then the new location will provide a new challenge, even to the most hardcore Forza fan such as myself but as accessible to the newcomers. Playground have been good at making accessible and fun games for a general audience. This is Forza Horizon after all… “Leave your limits, this is where cars belong.”

The new Centenario

Speaking of cars, they’ve expanded the car list to a whopping 350 cars exc. DLC. Notable additions include buggies and the brand new Lamborghini Centenario, celebrating the 100 years of Lamborghini. Again, interesting additions and it will be intriguing to see what these can be used for. Not quite Forza 4 car size but good nonetheless, especially the diversity.

The customisation seems to have expanded yet again, with wide bodies being added to certain cars, notably the BMW M4. I like this. It should satisfy a bit more of the car community and a nice little touch was the paint job of which it applies when you put the body kit on. Neato! I don’t know what other cars this will apply to however.

The map has been doubled in size from Forza Horizon 2. Again, it’s not quite The Crew size but this game, personally, needed the map expansion. Storm Island was great but the DLC factor sort of put some people off and a lot of people weren’t willing to fork out for it (Out of everyone I knew at least) so this map expansion was much needed. It will also greatly increase the potential for multiplayer, which is exactly what it needed.

Speaking of the races in multiplayer, Playground have gone all out and offered route customisation and a chance to create your own bucket list events for you to take your friends on! Now this is brilliant! This means we are going to have  an, effectively, endless amount of community content! Along with the return of the Auction House and Storefront, this will please the creators of the community, myself included as a racer and route customisation is exactly what I needed! It reminds me of PGR3. But better. Hype is real.

There is one feature I really took note of… “Hire and fire your friends”. I wonder if this will enable me to choose which of my friends I can race. I really hope so! I’d love to race the likes of my team mates such as LMP Foxy, LMP The Lad, LMP Statistic and the others. That would be something I’d love. It means that I am not forced to have whatever drivatars the game throws at me. I wonder if it will allow you to choose the entire grid though? So many questions that will be answered come September. The Forza Horizon series has been very socially engaging and it is great to play with friends but adding this to the single player may add a bit more satisfaction to what is already a great game. With Windows 10 support as well, it will be interesting to see if the people on Windows 10 and Xbox One can play together. I hope so but the Forza franchise, personally, I’ve always felt is more of a console experience.


This game looks seriously promising and it excites me to see what else Playground have got in store for us fans. What do you guys think about it? Let me know in the comments! The Horizon looks bright! There is so much more to talk about but unlike the game, which is seemingly endless, this post must end.

Dragon, out.

Gran Turismo Sport – What Could We Expect?

Hello everyone,

I am The Dragon and as of today, GT Sport finally gets some much wanted information about the game, so here I go with a blog post that could theorize about what we can expect.

GT Sport Promotional Cover

So we all know that GT Sport was announced back in October 2015 at the Paris Game Show and it wasn’t until May 19th 2016 at the London Press Conference for the game to see who will be made the first FIA GT3 Online Pre-Season champion.


As far as features which have been confirmed, here is a list:

Arcade Mode – Single Race, Time Trial, Drift trial, 2P Split Screen.

Campaign Mode – 10 Beginner’s School, 35 Circuit Experience (track learning), 62 Missions, 10 Racing.

Etiquette lessons – 117 events total.

Brand Central – Car Dealership, Museum.

Sport Mode – Main new game mode featuring Nations Cup and Manufacturer Cup.

Social Features – Built into the game and with companion apps for both.

Livery Editor – A first for Gran Turismo.

Scapes – Insert digital cars into 1000 real world photos, with up to 4K output.


So the features look promising and the game looks just amazing at 1080p 60fps. Polyphony Digital have really tried to pull out all the stops this time around. However, there are a few things which have been bugging me, not just the game itself but PDI themselves. Let me explain.


Releasing the Game

Polyphony Digital are notorious for having delayed game releases, normally with about 3 years of a gap separating their main releases on their philosophy of two full installments per generation. But then I stop to consider the release dates. GT Sport is planned to release virtually 3 years after the announcement and release of the PS4. Now, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue was released 2 years after the PS3 released and it took them 3 YEARS to finish adding everything else in to the full release of Gran Turismo 5. Then it took them 3 years to reskin it very lightly to make GT6. My hopes do not ride high from this to the full release of Gran Turismo 7. The release date is the 15th November 2016 for US and Japan, 16th November for Europe and 18th November for the UK.


Online Focus

Everyone knows from Gran Turismo 5 and 6 that servers have been a huge issue for the franchise. So with the online focus that Gran Turismo Sport is going for… It’s a worry. Considering the reputation Sony and online have been having recently, this is a major concern for the game. I can only hope it doesn’t repeat what it did on Gran Turismo 5 and 6.


No Damage Model

Gran Turismo has always been lacking a decent damage model. This does not seem to change at all with GT Sport. Considering GT6’s dodgy driving physics at best, GT Sport should have no excuse this time around.


Personally, I want a proper B-Spec mode or a “Manage your own team” mode, like in GT5 but without having to work on seasonals to get helmets and stuff.

So that is all from me. Comment below what you guys think of this, what would you like to see and what do you want to be able to do?

Your move, Polyphony.

Dragon, out.